Webkinz Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Webkinz Login:

Log in to your Webkinz Account now:

1. Type the URL of the Webkinz login page to your Internet Browser: http://www.webkinz.com/webkinz.html?go=loadReturnUser&081712

2. A log in panel will appear. You will have to fill in your username at the first area provided in the page.

3. The next credential needed is your account password. Input it in this area.

4. Finally, click the Begin Playing button to access your personal account.



Reset your Account Credentials in Webkinz:

1. Check if you are in the log in page of Webkinz.

2. Below the Begin Playing button, you should be able to see some links. Click this particular link: Change Password.

3. You will be taken to the reset password page. You will need to fill up all of the necessary information:


Old Password

New Password

Confirm Password

4. After that, click the change password button.

5. Additional note: Recovering your User Name and Password requires either a Parent’s Email be already set up for your account, or a Secret Code from any one of your pets.


Contact Details:

If all else fails, just use these Webkinz contact details:

If you are looking for technical assistance with any of the Ganzproducts, please click on the corresponding icon to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions on this page: http://support.ganzworld.com/

We recommend that you read through the FAQ’s to find relevant information pertaining to your inquiry.

If, after reading their FAQ’s, you still have further questions feel free to send an email inquiry and they will respond as soon as possible.


We are trying to provide the best service for all people who are having trouble in accessing their user accounts using the Webkinz Login page. Do not forget to bookmark this page for future changes that might occur.